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Consultation: Services

Questions About New Diagnoses

Perhaps your child or a student in your school was recently diagnosed with a disorder you are unfamiliar with and now you feel unsure how to support them. I am here to serve as a professional resource to help you understand the cognitive, academic and behavioral impact of medical and developmental disorders as well as how to best support the individual, whether it be through evaluation or seeking specific therapies and treatment. I will provide you with professional resources, discuss issues to be aware of immediately and as your child grows up, and explain where to seek support in the future.

Optimizing Academic Performance

At times it is helpful to provide families and schools with consultation regarding how to optimize academic performance through careful educational planning that addresses weaknesses associated with specific diagnoses. Sessions can be conducted individually with parents or the school team as well as in collaboration with all parties present.

Access to Resources

For children with new medical or neurodevelopmental diagnoses as well as those with ongoing diagnoses and persistent symptoms, it may be helpful to learn about resources in your area to best support your child. Knowing where to seek support next, including who can advocate for your child's needs and be relied upon, as well as what questions to ask can be instrumental.

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